Restoring the Timeless Art of Coffee

At Javacations, we have been passionate about vintage and Italian coffee machines for over 30 years. Based in Brisbane, Australia, our business is dedicated to restoring these elegant and classic coffee machines, bringing them back to their former glory. Today, we proudly stand as one of the leading authorities on Atomic and vintage coffee machines, making us a unique presence in the industry.

Our Founder, David Freeburn, embarked on a remarkable journey around the world, exploring the traditional ways of brewing coffee. During his travels, he encountered the simplicity and charm of coffee machines used over open fires or stoves. Captivated by their timeless appeal, David recognized the need to preserve and celebrate these marvels of craftsmanship.
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Our Story

Driven by a labour of love, David started restoring vintage coffee machines as a personal hobby. The process involved sourcing rare parts and collecting old machines that held nostalgic or sentimental value. In cases where original parts were unavailable, he collaborated with skilled artisans to create custom-made components using traditional materials such as bakelite. This commitment to authenticity and attention to detail became the foundation of Javacations’ identity.

As the years passed, Javacations became a sanctuary for vintage coffee machine enthusiasts in Australia. In a world increasingly dominated by mass-produced appliances, we take pride in being one of the few businesses dedicated to preserving this lost art of coffee machine restoration.

Our Photo Gallery showcases the transformation of these magnificent machines from their neglected state to their best, revived selves. We invite you to witness the beauty of our work and the dedication that goes into each restoration project.

At Javacations, we understand the sentimental and emotional value attached to these classic coffee machines. If you possess a cherished family heirloom or a beloved vintage coffee machine that requires restoration, we welcome the opportunity to bring it back to life. Our team of skilled artisans and technicians is passionate about breathing new life into old faithfuls, ensuring that they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

We cherish the connection between people and their coffee machines, and we treat each restoration project with utmost care and respect. Our mission is to rekindle the memories associated with these timeless pieces, creating a bridge between the past and the present.

Whether you are looking to restore a treasured family heirloom or simply wish to revive your reliable old coffee companion, we are here to help.

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Contact us today, and let Javacations embark on a journey of restoration, love, and a celebration of coffee's timeless charm. Together, let's savor the traditions of the past while embracing the pleasures of the present.